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Virtual Customer Center - Product Viewer (w/ Moving Brands)

We partnered with Flex and created a virtual experience to replace the current physical experience center tour, as a powerful sales tool primarily for current and prospective customers. As part of the whole virtual experience - the product viewer is an essential element of the entire experience that demonstrates every detail of the one specific product that Flex manufactures.

For this one component of the whole experience, we researched and learned that as a way to demonstrate capabilities, methodology, and technology, the interactive product viewer should have the ability to explore assembled and exploded devices, animated robotics, highlighted parts and before/after states to demonstrate the value of miniaturization.

With those findings, we tried to incorporate those features into the interactive product viewer we built. Besides the features of the product viewer, we spent a ton of time optimizing the 3D model, materials, lighting, and animation in the real-time render environment. For the best efficiency, we optimized the high poly product model and baked everything into textures, then we created custom shaders to render the materials and also the shadow and lighting.

View the standalone product viewer here.