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Interactive Demonstrations for Automotive Contents (w/ Moving Brands)

Last year, we at Moving Brands designed and built a real-time, multiplayer and immersive virtual tour platform for an ambitious global electronics manufacturer Flex. As a big part of the virtual tour platform, a variety of 3D modules written in WebGL with extensive fallbacks and excellent performance across many different devices are developed. For this specific project (as one of the 3D modules), we designed and developed an interactive component that demonstrates Flex’s capabilities in automotive, across the x4 product pillars of Smart Tech, Autonomy, Connectivity, and Electrification. It features an ownable visual style for 3D content that is distinct to Flex and Auto teams and can be carried across the VCXC.

My contribution to this project and also to the bigger Flex virtual tour platform workstream are mostly on the 3D modules. During the design process, I helped and worked with product designers on developing and designing a comprehensive 3D viewport with an ownable visual style and also a user-friendly interactive experience. I also worked with the clients on the 3D assets, which lots of optimizations are done when converting industrial level CAD models into real-time ready 3D assets. For development, I programmed the 3D graphics that can perform the best both visually and efficiently with a couple of solutions including baked textures, custom shaders, decals, and many more.

Project Credits
Creative Director: Dave Cameron
Creative Technology Director: Toby Milner-Gulland
Senior Creative Technologist: Fengyi Zhu

View the demo here.