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Event design at Dubai World Congress (w/ Moving Brands)

The objective of this project was to help cruise to win the exclusive partnership for developing the self-driving car ecosystem in Dubai, and a part of it is to create multiple event scenes at the Dubai World Congress. It is a small space but we also want to challenge that by showing how the future city would look like with cruise self-driving cars - safer streets, fewer cars, more spaces for humans and bikes, and etc. We started from sketches on paper and ended up with high fidelity render show proof and show the idea.

My contribution to the project spans across from early sketches to the production - environment/scene design and 3D rendering. When designing the 3D scene, I researched and studied Islamic architecture and had lots of findings on the materials, appearances, structure and etc, and also I did research on native Dubai plants. With that information, I meticulously build the scene that can represent correctly the city and also with a flavor of the "future city" that Cruise is promoting.

Project Credits
Creative Director: Dave Cameron
Senior Designer: Devin Carter
3D Lead: Fengyi Zhu