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NDR Type - Website/Typography (w/ New Design Realities)

New Design Realities is a sector of Moving Brands that focuses there efforts on creating AR, VR and MR experiences while uses technology based experiments to influence various outcomes. Within one of NDR’s internal creative exercises, we began recreating a set of 3D font with the 2 available parts of the NDR logo. After locking down the the final aesthetic, I later expanded those characters into an online 3D type experience. This allows the internal team and interested users to interact and customize their own version of this 3D typeface. To really enhance the usability, I further customized the 3D WebGL text editor, which allows user to adjust various properties. Users can choose from different materials options, like metals and finishes, to display on text. It lets users generate, continually customize and download diverse expressions of their choice.

View the site here.