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NDR Type - Website/Typography (w/ New Design Realities)

Out of one of our explorations in NDR (New Design Realities) in Moving Brands, we developed a set of 3D fonts from the three characters of the NDR logo, from which we created a three-dimensional typeface that can be adjusted through 3D transformation. It was one of many 3D practices we do internally that are not for clients but solely for interests in designing in spatial. Using our three-dimensional typeface tool enables our internal team — and interested users — to interact with, and customize texts. Various treatments (such as metals and ceramics) can be applied to the 3D typeface, along with different viewing angles, rotations and background colors.

For this project, I was the lead in the design and building of the interactive web-based typeface tool. It was a great practice in typography for me as a creative technologist, and the combination of typography, 3D design, and the interactive web experience is really making this project interesting and exciting.

Project Credits
Design: Guy Wolstenholme & Fengyi Zhu
UI Design: Yaser Hassan
Development: Fengyi Zhu

View the site here.