Internet Society

• 3D Concept
• Interaction
• Development


AR experience at Mozilla Festival 2019 & Instagram filter (w/ Moving Brands)

With a brief to create an experience that highlights the concept of encryption and decryption,  we devised and built an AR experience for Internet Society at the 2019 Mozilla Festival in London and an Instagram filter.

The custom AR app has two keys - one acts as a tool to encrypt information that we may expose through the internet daily; one acts as a len to decrypt cypher code and turn it into accessible information. We built a stand for the experience and cover up with custom graphics on each sides of the stand - one side is full of cypher code and the other is full of highly personalized data, which invites user to use the AR and see what does the encrypted code reveals or how does encryption protect your data. Visually we used this simple trick of occulusion materials to create a hollow effects out of flat plane, such contrast to common physics creates a playful experience.

The Instagram filter is a simple and playful experience that allows the user who cannot make it to the Mozilla Festival can also experience the concept. “Encyped”  graphic pattern is applied to user’s face and feel free to try it @internetsociety 🔐